Christoffer and Aleyna Groves are serial entrepreneurs who have seen enormous success in the fitness industry, the real estate industry, and in Groves Capital – companies that all together are worth over $150mm. They have been named a Power Couple: a true powerhouse duo known for optimizing businesses through operations, software development, recruiting, growth, scaling, and optimization. They have been featured in print in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, The New York Times, The Miami Times, Yahoo! Finance, and they have been filmed for Bloomberg TV as the world’s greatest company of 2021 and 2022. And they have now reached a place where they would like to give back to the world and help others achieve their highest level of success. Chris and Aleyna want to empower others through their power couple consulting mindset, sharing the benefits of manifesting one’s vision, and encouraging action at the highest level, or, as they call it, The 110% Movement. The 110% Movement is about intentionally aiming above the average to achieve success. And Chris and Aleyna know that going above and beyond the average to build something great requires hard work, sacrifice, and tenacity, but they also know that success is achievable through having a clear and meaningful road map to communicate one’s pathway to success. Chris and Aleyna believe that anyone is capable of accomplishing their goals if they focus their energy and time in a purposeful way to attain it. The only limits to a person’s success are those they choose to be limited by. Chris and Aleyna know that we are all capable of great things, but their question for you is: do you want it badly enough?


Aleyna Groves specializes in operations, systems, and developing organizational structures that optimize the maximum potential of every company. For Aleyna, the key to maximizing this potential is to structure staff and assign roles in a way that streamlines core processes that keep the business moving forward while also keeping overhead as low as possible and maximizing earning potential across every process.


Christoffer Groves specializes in sales, growth, and expansion, and he is a marketing genius, focusing on each business market and understanding how to maximize exposure to not just attain clients, but to maintain a clientele that is loyal to one’s business. Christoffer is one of the best recruiters in his industries, bringing top level talent to every platform and developing a company culture that promotes positivity, productivity, and results.


As a husband-wife power couple consulting team, they bring a relationship dynamic and a unique perspective that helps them develop a unified and focused plan for success. The problem with most businesses is having people in leadership roles who all share the exact same skill set: this limits growth when those tasked with growing a company can only collectively make a small number of contributions or see a small number of possibilities. The potential to turn a small company into a large, successful enterprise requires a wide, diverse set of skills and visions, which is one of the reasons Chris and Aleyna have been successful: they each bring different skill sets and perspectives to their joint entrepreneurial efforts. Through mentoring and analyzing every facet of a company’s structure, from operations to sales, Chris and Aleyna can find the best path to organize and optimize their focus company to its highest potential. This dynamic duo will help you and your organization grow in size, flourish in customer service and reputation, and increase profits and individual income.

Chris and Aleyna are so confident in their ability to propel business to the next level that their payment is derived by the results they bring to their target companies income capability. They get paid a percentage from increasing profits by producing tangible results.

If you would like this power couple to help take your company to a new level, you must apply and be selected. Chris and Aleyna will only take on businesses and companies they believe are able to scale, with leadership teams that are coachable and open to being mentored and molded to be successful. The key is the ability to take direction, change what is needed, and pivot to accomplish your companies’ goals.
If you feel this is you and your company, they invite you to apply. Please click the link below if you meet our first level criteria. You will be contacted for an interview and hopefully soon after will start the process of building your empire.

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